måndag 20 februari 2012


I (TB) have got a new band. We're called Fukushima. Check us out. Write us at fukushimaume@gmail.com

So, next week UX Vileheads are playing Scharinska together with Hårda Tider, and then on Saturday, we play Uppsala hardcore fest. It's going to be beyond sick. Fuck shit up!

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  1. Det värsta bandnamnet någonsin.

    I'm a Japanese living in Sweden and feel extremely offended by your band name. "Fukushima" is not just a name of the place where nuclear plants are. Fukushima is millions of people's beloved home and thousands of them evacuated are still can't (and some can never be able to) go back.
    What would you think if there's an horrible disaster or accident in Umeå and after that a band outside Sweden names themselves "Umeå", without really knowing what people living there experienced, felt and thought? "Oh, they've got a cool band name"?
    Even if you named your band "Fukushima" because you're anti-nuclear power, it just sounds like an insensitive and senseless joke to us. I like your music, so it's really disappointing.

  2. Hi!

    I'm sorry that you feel offended by the name. Of course, it's not meant to in any way belittle the tragedy of what happened, and still is happening in Fukushima. But that's just the point with the name. It's a powerful symbol for mankinds leaders hunt for effectivization/progress of society, without taking note of the fact that ordinary people are being put in harms way.
    If a disaster struck Umeå and lets say a japanese band called themselves Umeå, I actually don't think I would care one bit.

    And PS: this can't be the worst band name ever, there's still Cunthunt 777.


  3. "And PS: this can't be the worst band name ever, there's still Cunthunt 777." Äg!