We've been filmed a couple of times when playing live. Here are some examples.

Filmed in may 2010 by Robin Wallride. The song is called "Blind" and will be featured on our upcoming LP. We played with The Nymphets from Canada and some other band(s?). The thing that sticks out from that gig is The Nymphets covering "England belongs to me". Bands doing unexpected covers rule. 

This was a gig together with the great Social Circkle. Filmed by Robin Wallride. The day after this, I hitched a ride with Andrés other band to Stockholm, watched Night Fever and Social Circkle at Kafé 44 and then Poison Ideas last european set ever.

An early video (the first?), shot at a friends art show. The artist is Mark from the band The Rats, hence the punks in attendance. Don't remember which other bands played. Once again shot by Robin Wallride.