söndag 31 juli 2011

Summer update

During the summer we haven't been up to much. People are going away on vacation, festivals etc and when you're at home, blogging about the few, sweaty practices we do manage to pull together, isn't really a top priority.

But I thought I'd give you some news. Our LP got somewhat delayed (of course...) but it will probably be out in Europe at the end of august and in the US in september. We don't have any t-shirts left, except for one XXL. So if there are any big chicks or dudes out there, or someone who just wants to make a cool back patch, let me know. We've sent for a new t-shirt design, though, which should be available for purchase in 2-3 weeks. I'll post when we get them.

Speaking of stuff still in stock, we still have copies of the "These are the voices in the back of your head" tape. I uploaded our contribution to the tape on our bandcamp site. The song is a really old one, that we recorded for our demo, but it didn't made the cut for any of our first two EPs. When Ralph contacted us and wanted us on the tape, I changed and redid the vocals which made the song a lot better.

Also, Daniel of Sorry State records just put up a track from our upcoming LP on his labels soundcloud. It's a track called UX Vilehead. Listen to that, and while you're there, check out a track from the new Dark Ages LP. Ripping stuff!

Now I'll go back to celebrating summer by reading "Burning britain" by Ian Glasper and not posting on the blog for a while.