torsdag 24 november 2011

Oh, hi there!

Soooo... It's been a while. As with all blogs, they stagnate at some point. Especially since this blog focuses on a band that hasn't been very active since the LP came out. André has been very busy with Invasionen, Marcus has been working in Umeå and rocknrolling in Canada with Regulations, Fredrik has had his ass full of studio-related stuff and doing sound on shitty bars, and I've been super busy in school (geekiest excuse by far, I know).

But! We have managed to play live outside of Umeå for the fourth and fifth time ever! A short trip to Malmö and Copenhagen. We had a blast both days and hopefully we can go play some places in the winter/spring.

(Photo by Matthew Anson,

Above, you have proof that we actually were outside of Umeå!

söndag 11 september 2011

Hardcore XI is out now!

I'm very happy and proud to announce that you now can buy our debut full length album from, or directly from us, by sending an e-mail to!

torsdag 25 augusti 2011

New t-shirts!

A new batch of t-shirts arrived yesterday. They look like this. Fortunately, you don't have to look like a dick while wearing them, like the two bastards below. The sizes are kinda small, so if you're normally a medium but you've got quite broad shoulders or a righteous beer gut, I suggest you get a size large instead. 

Send an e-mail to uxvileheads atttt if you want one, prices are 12 euros/115 pistoler/15 USD postage included or cheaper if you buy them from us in person.

Now I'm off to the university to read about modernity. Thrilling!

lördag 20 augusti 2011

Test press approved!!

The test press for the upcoming "Hardcore XI" has been approved! I have not seen nor heard it myself since I'm busy being a tourist in Malmö, Copenhagen and Berlin at the moment. But my sources in Umea tells me that it sounds meaty. Also, in the more provincial news section, we're playing live with the terrific band Terrible Feelings from Malmö and the new, never heard before, Healthy Diet from Umea ice city, in a moldy cellar in Teg on 2nd september. I have a feeling that it's going to be very rad. 

I'll be back with more updates later. Now I have to sleep so I can manage carrying around bags full of records tomorrow.

Live long and prosper

söndag 31 juli 2011

Summer update

During the summer we haven't been up to much. People are going away on vacation, festivals etc and when you're at home, blogging about the few, sweaty practices we do manage to pull together, isn't really a top priority.

But I thought I'd give you some news. Our LP got somewhat delayed (of course...) but it will probably be out in Europe at the end of august and in the US in september. We don't have any t-shirts left, except for one XXL. So if there are any big chicks or dudes out there, or someone who just wants to make a cool back patch, let me know. We've sent for a new t-shirt design, though, which should be available for purchase in 2-3 weeks. I'll post when we get them.

Speaking of stuff still in stock, we still have copies of the "These are the voices in the back of your head" tape. I uploaded our contribution to the tape on our bandcamp site. The song is a really old one, that we recorded for our demo, but it didn't made the cut for any of our first two EPs. When Ralph contacted us and wanted us on the tape, I changed and redid the vocals which made the song a lot better.

Also, Daniel of Sorry State records just put up a track from our upcoming LP on his labels soundcloud. It's a track called UX Vilehead. Listen to that, and while you're there, check out a track from the new Dark Ages LP. Ripping stuff!

Now I'll go back to celebrating summer by reading "Burning britain" by Ian Glasper and not posting on the blog for a while.

fredag 24 juni 2011

At the plant!

Hardcore XI got sent to the pressing plant earlier this week. Hopefully we'll get it in a month or so.
Super stoked about this!

Now I'm off to celebrate midsummers eve by getting shitfaced in a cabin with a couple of very dear friends.

fredag 27 maj 2011

Hardcore XI

Our new record will be called Hardcore XI and the cover will look like this:

onsdag 25 maj 2011

Alternative cover

I really like it when records look good, so to play in a band that I think have really nice looking records gives me much joy. Marcus is the brains behind almost all of our layout stuff and he's really good at what he does. Since there isn't much news to report, I thought I'd show you some of the artwork that we didn't use for our Catch 22 EP.

I really liked this suggestion. It may look a bit too clean or emo or whatever, but I still dig it.

This is the suggestion that led to the final version. André is such a beautiful man. It makes perfect sense to use his face on our cover.

Right now we're in the process of choosing artwork for the LP. I'll post as soon as we've decided.

söndag 22 maj 2011


Jorunn hade to come help us with band pictures for the LP. It's really hard to make us look anything but retarded but if anyone can make it work, she can.

måndag 16 maj 2011

DIY or die!

We're almost out of t-shirts, only a couple of S left now. So when Lukas from Germany couldn't get a size medium he showed us that he had taken matters into his own hands a while back.

The picture he has used is the first piece of graphic ever produced for this band (I don't even know who did it, but I'm guessing Marcus). It was uploaded on our myspace and has since been used as a "cover" of our demo, which never actually existed in a physical format, only on mp3.
Here you can see Lukas wearing his fine DIY hoodie. Uniqueness and punx points in abundance is surely guaranteed while wearing that fine piece of clothing.

söndag 1 maj 2011

T-shirts now for sale!

I got the t-shirts friday so now it's on! 120 :- shipping included in Sweden. 
Foreigners pay 10 euro + shipping. 
Send a mail to uxvileheads(at) and we'll take care of business.

In stark contrast to the commercial message above, I'd like to wish the readers of this blog a happy may day. In times like these, when the worlds agenda is orchestrated by neo-liberal nut cases it's crucial to take a stand against the forces of the right, and provide an alternative to the profit hungry, bullshit individualistic ideas that dominate todays political discourse.

torsdag 28 april 2011

Video from saturday

This is us playing the song Fist itch last saturday.

Alex from the far north shot this. Check his channel for more stuff from saturday as well as some vids from Nitads last euro tour.

söndag 24 april 2011

Last night

The concert last night lived up to my expectations. Slöa Knivar and Avfart 33 were both great (musically and on a personal level) and we managed to send them off with lots of money. I think the vileheads did ok, it's hard to tell sometimes, whether you're doing good or bad. But it felt pretty good, I remembered the lyrics to the Joy Division cover (Warsaw) at least, something I was a bit nervous about. I just wish we would have had the t-shirts that I ordered some time ago. After playing Umeå excessively for almost three years, it's easy for shows to blend together unless you can offer something extra.

On a side note, always try to be open to discussion and be willing to question what you percieve as truth and fact. Also, it is ok to admit that you're wrong, don't take pride in never changing your mind.

And now, some light entertainment before bedtime.

söndag 17 april 2011

Upcoming gig

Next saturday we'll be playing in Umeå with the Wallrides, Slöa knivar, Avfart 33, Kansas city shuffle and Sweet seed. I'm so stoked to see Slöa knivar. Also, it'll be interesting to see how the mix in musical styles reflects upon the crowd and their behavior (kansas city shuffle and sweet seed play traditional blues rock). Hopefully I'll be seeing moldy crusties and led zeppelin worshippers with cowboy boots, huge sideburns and flared jeans hanging out in the pit like true rock brethren.

This is the ugly-ass poster I did for the show

tisdag 12 april 2011


I just sent this motif to get pressed as t-shirts. We'll have them for sale as soon as they get here, in about two weeks. The original picture was taken by our friend Jorunn and the layout is by Mackan.

onsdag 6 april 2011

Another new song!

Back in the cold embrace of Umeå. Already missing my cousins and the people I met in Skopje. Here's that new song I promised you. It's about the greek student Alexandros Grigoropoulos who in 2008 got shot to death by two police officers. Alexandros died at fifteen.  The lyrics also adress the fact that in big parts of the world, the cops who killed Alexandros would still be able to walk the streets as free men (the murderer of Alexandros got life in prison and his accomplice got ten years), and maintain their privilege of monopoly on violence.  

I'll get back to you on that t-shirt design. 

torsdag 31 mars 2011


This is what stuff looks like here. 
Greetings. Shit is slow on the blog due to the fact that I'm currently in Skopje, Macedonia. What am I doing there, you ask? Hanging out with my cousins, punks, PR-agents, free speech activists and political elites, going to museums, bars, bazaars, getting pick pocketed by 12-year old glue sniffers, re-watching the wire alone in my room late at night, getting looked at strangely by macho dudes, drinking beer and listening to neu!, drinking some weird plumb scotch, having a coffee, eating omelettes and some weird porridge with cheese on it. The balkans rule. 
Tonight I will hang out with the very hospitable Vasko of Bernays Propaganda and play some UX Vileheads on macedonian radio. How about that?

When I get back I'll post a new song. And a t-shirt design that we're gonna do.

måndag 14 mars 2011


A new section has been added: Video. It's videos of us. Playing. Live.

Check it.

lördag 12 mars 2011


I added a new category on the right where you can buy stuff from us. Right now in stock: Catch 22 EP and a very cool compilation tape. Check it out.

torsdag 10 mars 2011

New song up

A new song from our upcoming LP is up. It's just a rough mix, but it gives you an idea of what the album will sound like. I'll probably upload a song or two more in a couple of days. Also, in the sounds section of the blog, you can listen to a couple of tracks from our two EPs. Enjoy. 

Soundtrack for the day: Syphilitic vaginas - The lycan horror. Up the swedish gism/ghoul (jp) worshipping metal punx.

tisdag 8 februari 2011

The blog

So. A new blog on the Internet. This particular blog will be about the hardcore punk band UX Vileheads from Umeå, Sweden. The entries will be written in most part by me, TB, the vocalist of the band. Thus when opinions are expressed here, they will be mine and may not at all times be shared by the rest of the dudes in the band.

We have put out two EPs. The first (fittingly titled "First EP") on Deranged records and the second one, titled Catch 22, on Sorry State records in the US and Adult Crash in Europe. 
We have an 11 track LP on the way that will be released in both the US and in Europe. Sorry State records will handle the distribution in the US while Ny Våg and Adult Crash will take care of that stuff in Europe. 

That's all for now.