söndag 24 april 2011

Last night

The concert last night lived up to my expectations. Slöa Knivar and Avfart 33 were both great (musically and on a personal level) and we managed to send them off with lots of money. I think the vileheads did ok, it's hard to tell sometimes, whether you're doing good or bad. But it felt pretty good, I remembered the lyrics to the Joy Division cover (Warsaw) at least, something I was a bit nervous about. I just wish we would have had the t-shirts that I ordered some time ago. After playing Umeå excessively for almost three years, it's easy for shows to blend together unless you can offer something extra.

On a side note, always try to be open to discussion and be willing to question what you percieve as truth and fact. Also, it is ok to admit that you're wrong, don't take pride in never changing your mind.

And now, some light entertainment before bedtime.

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