Shit for sale

T-shirts. 10 euros/100 spänn/15 USD plus postage.

We've still got a couple of Catch 22 EP's left.It's our second release, pressed in  the US by Sorry State records and in Europe by Adult Crash records. Four songs on this piece of vinyl. We only have the US pressing available.

It's yours for the price of 3 euros, and shipping, of course. Distros can get in touch for wholesale prices.
We also have a very, very, very limited amount of a cassette(!) compilation that we're on. It's called "These are the voices in the back of your head" and it features such great bands as Libyans, State and Rayos X. And us, of course. American punks can get it from this web store, but swedes and europeans would be better off buying from us.

That tape is one of the coolest ones I've ever seen, for sure. 
3 euros + shipping for this beauty. 
Send an e-mail to the adress listed under contact if you to purchase anything from us.