tisdag 8 februari 2011

The blog

So. A new blog on the Internet. This particular blog will be about the hardcore punk band UX Vileheads from Umeå, Sweden. The entries will be written in most part by me, TB, the vocalist of the band. Thus when opinions are expressed here, they will be mine and may not at all times be shared by the rest of the dudes in the band.

We have put out two EPs. The first (fittingly titled "First EP") on Deranged records and the second one, titled Catch 22, on Sorry State records in the US and Adult Crash in Europe. 
We have an 11 track LP on the way that will be released in both the US and in Europe. Sorry State records will handle the distribution in the US while Ny Våg and Adult Crash will take care of that stuff in Europe. 

That's all for now.