torsdag 31 mars 2011


This is what stuff looks like here. 
Greetings. Shit is slow on the blog due to the fact that I'm currently in Skopje, Macedonia. What am I doing there, you ask? Hanging out with my cousins, punks, PR-agents, free speech activists and political elites, going to museums, bars, bazaars, getting pick pocketed by 12-year old glue sniffers, re-watching the wire alone in my room late at night, getting looked at strangely by macho dudes, drinking beer and listening to neu!, drinking some weird plumb scotch, having a coffee, eating omelettes and some weird porridge with cheese on it. The balkans rule. 
Tonight I will hang out with the very hospitable Vasko of Bernays Propaganda and play some UX Vileheads on macedonian radio. How about that?

When I get back I'll post a new song. And a t-shirt design that we're gonna do.

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