tisdag 17 januari 2012

End of one year, beginning of another etc...

A new year and new plans and expectations.

Hardcore XI seems to have been well recieved by those who've downloaded or bought it and I've seen us posted on a couple of 'best of' lists, which of course makes us all very happy. A couple of people actually put effort into ripping the record and putting it up on blogs. I can only see that as a sign of appreciation.

We will also be playing at the Uppsala hardcore fest, march 3d. We'll be playing with Agent Attitude, Hårda Tider, Headed for Disaster, Guilty, Bad Review and Vitamin X.
It should be a riot, as it often turns out to be in Uppsala.

Also, we'll be printing new t-shirts for the shows. Not sure which design yet. I'll get back to you on that...

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  1. Blir det någon spelning på Scharinska? Vet ni vilket datum?